måndag 28 februari 2011

home sweet home

At home,
at last!
Oh the blissfull feeling of
kicking the shoes off,
putting the suitcase away,
putting on my juicys
relaxing on the couch
knowing my friends are in 10 min reach.
Love it!


lördag 26 februari 2011

check mate

This is my favourite scarf.
Mom had it in the 70's.
Like her.

source: lovelyvintage


true contemporary rockabilly for you

A blog i like to look at from time to time is the pin up model Tifa DeLeones blog.
A lot of nice colours,
easy reading,
and good rockabilly & burlesque tips.

source: tifadeleone.blogg.se/


onsdag 23 februari 2011

moping, sulking and brooding

I'm so tired of this cold.
Not alone with that thought I guess.
And I guess it won't get warmer
moping about it.

On monday i get finally back home.
In januari-february I've had about 5 nights in my own bed.
As Anna said "If I were you I'd propably tie myself in chains
and not leave home at all".
It's true.
Allthough I want to do everything I've missed,
go out for coffee, visit friends etc.
I just don't want to go outside my door.


tisdag 22 februari 2011

Remedies never were within my reach, I cannot go on as I am

Ugh, seems like I've been working for ages now.
Allthough I just started a few days ago.
Before that I had my time off on the country side.
10 whole days of doing nothing,
trying to get log fire burning
was indeed a fulltime task.


Here's some pics from my days of wellness..
In the middle of nowhere.

Far from cafés, crowds and shops.


fredag 18 februari 2011

My drinking is killing me, my drinking is killing me, my drinking is killing me..

At the KTH-library
(royal institute of technology)

ph: tomas wennbom


I once had a car with my coffee

ph: tomas wennbom


Pom Pom parlour

I went a little bit shopping yesterday.
Pom pom parlour
always treats my senses so well.
Listening to Billie Holiday
in my earphones.
Touching the silky soft fabrics.
Scents of the body powders,
in the air.
Twirling in the cubikels
in the most amazing lingerie.
I could buy everything.

At NK department store, i bought a barrett
in the most amazing scarlett red.
Im trying to buy them ferquently
so I'll have a nice collection of barretts.
But I seem to missplace them in the same pace
I buy them.
Not happy.


And you are a part of everything

Have I told You lately,
I can't wait for spring.
Dry pavements,
snow melting,
turning into small
sparkling puddles.
Sun making your cheeks
blush of warmth.
When I won't be cranky
cause of the cold.


I missed you, miss you, never knew

Sitting at my favourite café.
One of many.
Catching up on my other life,
internet life.
It's my paralell world,
wich I love
and have become addicted of,
over the years.

sources: thisisnthappiness.com


måndag 14 februari 2011

I'm gonna dive deep into maybe

This is what most of my breakfasts look like.
On the go.
I miss sitting at home,
for hours,
reading the paper,
having home made coffe
and scones with jam.
In my pj's.


söndag 13 februari 2011

Just when You thought you knew it all..

Today was a lazy sunday.
Winter hit Sweden again.
It's white and beautiful
but godamn
I can't wait for spring.




fredag 11 februari 2011

you who i cradled in my arms - you

Sometimes I don't have my skin.
And all my feelings are on the outside.

So sensitive.
So fragile.

So me.


buns on both sides and rolls on top

A wonderfull Hair do menu.


I could have been wild and I could have Been free But Nature played this trick on me

The late birthday pressies keep coming.

I had coffee with sweet Karin, with her adorable little tummy, the other day.

She had been in New york, and got my gift from there..
yes I'm lucky.

Let's unwrap..

Recipe book from Magnolia bakery!!
This I will be reading very often.
Don't know about the baking part though...

And schampoo stone for Elvis.

Thank you so much!!


torsdag 10 februari 2011

click your heels together three times

I want them shoes!!
Green, sparkly and just lovely!
And the wall paper I'll have in my hallway.

cherry muffin studios


but in the morning you'll be on your own again

The Capital of Malta, Valetta.

So clean
so cheap wine
so handsome people
I so like.

collegue, me & boss