torsdag 31 mars 2011


 I love this cup cake dress.

yval hen


Beats and bruises

I adore Miss Li
And her new album IS amazing!

The lyrics in all her albums are so realistic and beautiful.
Most sound cheerfull but are melancholic and dark.


måndag 28 mars 2011

baby baby


Parfume: Givenchy EauDemoiselle
Clothes: Navy inspired
Lips: Lancome, bright red
Work: 10-15
Delisch: Thick apple pie
Sigh: drag the suitcase
Yey: Max tonight
Weather: sunny n spring sparkly
Sadness: someone's moving away, butt I'll pretend it's not happening.


fredag 25 mars 2011

All I want is you now

Mommy's coming to get you!
You lushious pink dream.


Fountain of Mutes-of the day

The Pages Of Your Diary

I spent the better part of the day trying to think of something to write. I looked deep within my hopes and tried to find the one thing I could write, that would truly change my life. One word stood out. My name. I want to write my name thousands of times. I want to find your diary and write my name on every page. That way, no matter what you chose to do with each of your days, somewhere, you would have to find a moment for me. I could take comfort in the fact that I will still be a part of your day in a week, a month, a year, a lifetime. I want you to be able to flip to any page in the book of your life and see that I will always be there.

My little marbles

I want to collect all my friends in one place,
like marbles in a bowl.
Colourfull bunch it would be.

I just travel around,
holding one marble at a time in my hand,
then I put it back,
and travel to the next one.

You are my collected treasure all spread.

Johanna F & Josefin

And a late, but nonetheless, a happy birthday to Josefin!
Love you girl <3
I'll see you next week,
when Im back home.


tisdag 22 mars 2011

why dont you just steal something from my blog

It's spring warm in Stockholm.
I'm bursting like a bud!
Love it!

My collegues say i always look french, don't know what they're talking about


måndag 21 mars 2011

Fountain of mutes-of the day

A Priceless Painting

Sometimes you take a small dab of paint from my palette. You dip your brush into my words, and sweep them across the canvas of your life. You inspire me to create, and you inspire me to search for colors that I have never known. I want to find a new color. I want you to paint a portrait with a shade that only we know about. I want you to be displayed in the galleries of my mind forever.

If you're a sailboat I would sail you to the shore, If you're a river I would swim you, If you're a preacher I'd begin to change my ways.

So, I left the spring in Malmoe,
for a wintery and gray Helsinki.
Can't say much when duty calls.
At least I had a 3 hour lunch in Stockholm with lovely Karin yesterday.
3 hours, yet not enough by far.
Some friends just fill you with energy and warmth.
Need them to recharge myself.
Sometimes I feel like I use them for my own feel good.


fredag 18 mars 2011

I want this life

Many Wants, And A Couple Of Pillows

I want to wake up one day, and even if I can't find you there, I want the sheets to still be warm from your body. I want the pillow to smell like your hair. I wanna look out the window and see a dry patch of pavement where the rain couldn't hit the ground beneath where your car was parked. I want to see your empty coffee cup in the sink. I want your perfume to linger inside the door you just walked out. I want each of these things to be a reminder of the reasons I want you to be in my home. I want to share a pillow with you. I want to write my thoughts on your photos, since your photographs inspire so many of my thoughts.
Sorry, I stole from You again.

sometimes my bathroom looks like this


torsdag 17 mars 2011

onsdag 16 mars 2011

There's something about the spring sun...

A little walk today.

I want to live in this house.

On my street the church is butterfly shaped.

I chose the wrong dress for this windy day.
I think I showed my goods to a few.

I decided that it was time for a flowery summer dress today.
Cheered me up.
It just fits perfect.
Partly cause of the lacing on the sides that you can adjust.
It's a Betsey Johnson.

Mon cherie Johanna F gave me this loveliest vintage table,
wich she had painted for me.
And the tulips I got from Anna,
they were waiting for me when i got home.
I have the sweetest friends,
and I love them to bits.



See home from the pariser wheel, everyday

Yesterday I had coffee with a friend.
It was nice.
The amusement park is slowly waking up too.


Dancing the whole way home

A real To do-day, today.
I feel very effective.
Spring sun does that to everyone I suppose.
Miss Li is keeping me company and making sure I don't loose my pace.


tisdag 15 mars 2011

There is no need to take me home

You guys suck at comments.
Get better!


There will be no strings to bind your hands

A few weeks ago
I spent a day with mon cherie Johanna F.
We went to the modern museum,
had pizza
watched An education.
Love days like that...

her kitty in a box of fabrics

An education


lördag 12 mars 2011

"Hey redhead, want a Budweiser?"

This girl took a little night on town yesterday.

The only pic taken, and not so good



You did good girl

A little bonus I got for work well done.
Thank you very much!

Perfect as a laptop and junk-bag.


I'm mad about a boy

I'm so into Mad men now
I've been saving myself,
but a few days ago I started to watch the first season.
I love it.
Not surprised.
And I love how they do everything that is "dangerous and a big no no" today.

Yes, so inspired.
In many ways..