onsdag 16 mars 2011

There's something about the spring sun...

A little walk today.

I want to live in this house.

On my street the church is butterfly shaped.

I chose the wrong dress for this windy day.
I think I showed my goods to a few.

I decided that it was time for a flowery summer dress today.
Cheered me up.
It just fits perfect.
Partly cause of the lacing on the sides that you can adjust.
It's a Betsey Johnson.

Mon cherie Johanna F gave me this loveliest vintage table,
wich she had painted for me.
And the tulips I got from Anna,
they were waiting for me when i got home.
I have the sweetest friends,
and I love them to bits.



2 kommentarer:

  1. Do aj häv to comment in änglish here now däys?

    Fiiint bord!

    Med fina tullisar.

  2. "Tullisar"... You guys crack me up.