tisdag 21 juni 2011

Anna got a new friend, called Alexa

Anna and  I did Copenhagen today.
She bought a gorgeous Mulberry Alexa
and I bought a luxurious pencil skirt (pics of it later)

The day was perfect!

notice the perfect view to the left?


måndag 20 juni 2011

what letter combination are you?


It's the shade of pastell I lack in my life


lazy sunday

Anna said I had my festival look going on.
She might be right.
Rubberboots and shades.
The wather is very unstable.

Anna checking her shopping

Met up with Josefine

Are we done??

Lazy dinner with Johanna F.
Bubbel on sunday is my favourite thing.


söndag 19 juni 2011

help on it's way

I got mail.
From mom.
A little pillow to take care of the hurt.

So cute.

Kiitti äiti!

"Helps like blowing on the hurt"


Have a peek..

My week at work.

Let's have a look..

Breakfast at the train station

checking that everything looks good

After work outdoors on the ferrie in the middle of the night


Off to a meeting at the office in Helsinki


busy busy

Collegues car broke down on our way to the dinner,
I thought i might as well paint my nails.

In stockholm I had lunch and a walk with Karin and her Aston.

My sandwich is called "Little old lady"


Back to Helsinki

I'm an early bird.

One of my bags broke, needed to take it to Louis Vuitton to have it fixed.

nope, didn't buy the skirt. It made my hips look bigger.


Not every coffee break is fancy
Home away from home in Stockholm


lördag 18 juni 2011

hey you little pretty messed up girl, did u get the life you wanted?

I absolutely love the colours in this photo.
The sharpness.

gorgeous Diane Kruger


It was you and me, yeah we were young and free.

Anna H, for you
my little bombshell.

I dare You to go Marilyn blond. ..........................................................................................

(Tack M för bilderna)